Linksys Media Hub Landing In Australia Next Month

Remember the Linksys Media Hub that the company announced back at CES? Well, it's coming to Australia in March, although getting your hands on one may be harder than you'd want.In case you don't remember, the Linksys Media Hub is essentially a networked hard drive (it comes with 500GB standard, but you can add up to 2TB if you want) that not only stores your media, but also scans all the devices on your network, letting you access any content on your network from any other device on your network. From the demos we saw last week, it's incredibly easy to use and manage, and it happily talks to both PCs and Macs. It also lets you access your content remotely, although there are some extra costs involved with that.

Speaking of costs - it's not exactly cheap. There are two models: the NMH305 which goes for $650, and the NMH405 which adds an LCD screen and a 6-in-1 card reader and costs $700. To pick one up, you'll need to head to either Len Wallis Audio or one of a handful of Harvey Norman stores, at least in the short term. Considering that it's still quite a technical item, the limited distribution is probably a good move, although it will be interesting to see how many of you are willing to pony up the cash for one of these...


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