LaserPup: Use the iPhone To Shoot Lasers at Your Dog

Are you tired of shooting lasers at your dog the old fashioned way? I know I am. Thanks to this DIY project called LaserPup, you can annoy your pooch with the power of the iPhone!

The system utilises a ceiling-mounted laser pointer, an I/O bridge with servo module, two servos, a webcam, an X10 module and a buzzer. When the buzzer sounds, the dog is alerted that it is time to play. Using the iPhone, the user can turn the lights on and off and move the laser around the room for the dog to chase. When you have finished damaging your dog's mind, the buzzer can be sounded a second time to indicate that playtime is over.

LaserPup's creator hopes to develop an app that makes it possible to use the iPhone's accelerometer as the control. He also provided detailed instructions on how to set something like this up for yourself—although, I wouldn't suggest it if you want to prevent a doggie mental disorder. [LaserPup via Make]

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