Iriver P7 Gets Official, Packs Innovative... Packaging

We caught a peek of iriver's P7 PMP at CES, but now the 4.3" screened player is up on the official site with some pretty pictures and a full list of specs.

The key points: it'll be available in 4/8/16/32 GB flavours, pack 35 hours audio and 7 hours video battery life, and a 4.3" 480x272 resolution screen. That screen's a bit disappointing, we'd have liked to see a sharper one. It also looks a little pudgier than we'd want from a flash-based PMP, though the screen size makes it un-pocketable anyway. The P7 will support an impressive array of codecs, including the less common OGG, FLAC, and even XviD. Oddly enough, the packaging gets special mention: apparently it can double as "a business card holder, a pen holder, or a picture frame." Still no word on price or Stateside release date, though it should be out in South Korea shortly.


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