Internet Visionary MC Hammer Releases Eagerly-Anticipated 'HammerTime' iPhone App

MC Hammer is many things. Spoken-word poet. Interpretive dancer. Trendsetter. And now, at long last, Internet Empresario.

How does such a critical darling make the nigh-impossible transition from world-class entertainer to maverick visionary iPhone app maker? Let's run over the list of what this world-shaking app can do:

1. Watch the music video for "Pumps and a Bump."
2. Follow Hammer's latest exploits on Twitter, like: "My Wife better be ready when Daddy get home !!! Too Sexy Fo My.."
3. Read Hammer's blog, which in a feat of synergy is pretty much just his Twitter but with videos.

The HammerTime app is available for free from the iTunes store. [Thanks, Joel!]

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