How To Text With Adorable Japanese Emoji On Your iPhone For a Buck

Typing Genius—an app for challenging your friends to a variety of touchscreen typing games—now also unlocks Emoji on your phone, so you can communicate exclusively in kawaii pictographs like Jason and I.

So here's Jason and I talking about our daily routines. My day goes something like this: morning set with egg and pillowy Japanese white bread, then onto a nice onigiri/sushi/beer lunch, a snack at MacDo, my evening meals I take in a steaming bowl with strawberry shortcake on the side, then, after my post-prandial cig, a quick visit to my man uptown, where a sack of money is exchanged for an intravenous ride on the white dragon (a cure for indigestion if anything). Sleep, glorious sleep.

Then Jason's all like: yeah, I am awoken, weeping, by my Arab medical staff. After my morning feats of strength, I say goodbye to the wife and have breakfast, dining on monkey brains, cake (me too!) and beer. Then I rocket over to see what's popping in the baby-changing area (over 18 not allowed), which also happens to be a handicapped bathroom. After some currency conversions and a quick check of my 3G signal strength (it is OK, and NEW), off come the suit and tie and on goes the bikini, when the real fun begins.

Emoji support is built into iPhone software 2.2, but to unlock them to actually be able to type, you either need to perform a hack or two (with limitations) or buy an app to unlock them. This is the easiest and cheapest one we've seen so far. [Typing Genius - iTunes]

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