House With Motorised Walls Changes Its Entire Look With the Push of a Button

Dezeen posted on this crazy looking house built in Suffolk, England, which is actually three separate structures, and a garage that are unified by a sliding wall which can envelop them together.

Designed by Architecture firm dRMM, the outer wall of the house moves along a 28 metre track and can sit over any part of main house's 16-metres linear frame, or move to cover any part of the 7-metre annex, or the open space in front of the 5 metre garage. A greenhouse looking structure is part of the main house, but is built in such a way that it almost looks like its own entity

The outer wall weighs 20 tons and can move across the entire track in about 6 minutes. The movement is made possible by 4 motors on wheels that are hidden inside the outer wall. They each use two DC car batteries that are recharged by solar panels.

And the tracks can even be extended so that the outer wall can cover a future swimming pool. The price wasn't disclosed, but I'm willing to wager that someone sold their soul to move into this house. Be sure to check out even more pics over at Dezeen. [dRMM via Dezeen via Home Design Find]

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