Han Solo Encased in Guacamole is a Delicious Twist on Star Wars

This gigantic bowl of guacamole is titled "He's no guac to me dead." It contains 50 avocadoes worth of guac and one happy Han Solo.

The body was created using a plastic torso I found at a used mannequin/store display shop downtown. It only went down to the top of the thigh, so I had to build out the rest of his legs to the knees using molded chicken wire. The hands were tough... If I knew used male mannequin hands would be so tough to find on a whim, I would've used eBay. Given that I was running out of time, one hand was made using one of those articulated wooden artist's hands you can buy at an art store, and covered it in papier mache. The other hand, not nearly as nice, was foil covered in papier mache, and had to do for now.

Click through to see more pictures and read the rest of the story about how this ridiculous piece of deliciousness came to be. [Without Papers via [Neatorama]

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