Fujitsu Lifebook P1630 Overestimates Our Desire For An 8.9-Inch Tablet

P1630-3G-006wp.jpgLooking at the P1630's specifications, I just can't reconcile why anyone would fork out $3,959 for one, when they can get a HSPA-enabled Mini 9 for under a grand.Sure, the P1630 is a tablet, and some people need tablets. And sure, it runs a Centrino 2 processor rather than the lower powered Atom processor in the Dell. And sure, it runs Vista, which would add to the overall price. But it still only has an 8.9-inch screen, which means that the tiny keyboard is going to suck unless you have the hands of an elf, and the price is just absurd. You could grab a Macbook Pro for significantly less, and that's got a lot more grunt under the hood. Hell, even the Modbook is cheaper, and that's custom built. You could even gat a Macbook Pro and a Dell Mini 9, and have a little bit of change left over for the price of the Lifebook.

I'm not saying the Fujitsu's a bad laptop/tablet, by the way. Just that considering its price tag, there are a lot of really solid options out there that will leave you with a chunk of cash still in your wallet, which is increasingly important in today's economy.


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