Freestyle Solar-Powered Watch Draws 12 Months of Energy From One Sunny Charge

Most of us now check the time using mobile phones, but there's still a stalwart few that insist on wearing watches. With the Freestyle solar watch, they can cling to old technology while being eco-friendly.

The Boiler solar-powered watch by Freestyle uses a battery charged up from sunshine. It comes with both a power indicator and a power saving function, though the chances you'll need to use them are slim - according to Freestyle, it receives 12 months of power on a single charge. So basically, the only way your watch will ever run out of juice is if you live in a cave all year long.

The Boiler has a chronograph, alarm, timer, dual time and a backlight display for darker areas. Price for solar coolness: $US115. [Treehugger]

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