Four 'Tropical Skyscapers' Commissioned To Keep Shenzhen Stock Exchange HQ Nice and Shady

Steven Holl Architects' winning design from the "4 Tower in 1" competition calls for a quartet of towers to be built around the brand new Shenzhen Stock Exchange and its surrounding plaza.

The four buildings in the complex have a variety of features typical of environmentally friendly and sustainable structures of recent, and the kind we may see in the future.

Rooftop garden ponds to recycle rainwater, solar tracking screens around the buildings' exterior and circular footprints for the towers, enabling wide-open social spaces to face the sun. And of course the position of the buildings, arranged in a horizontal linking pattern so they double as giant sun umbrellas for the Stock Exchange. The buildings will be linked by underground rail as well, so the only time you'll have to venture outside is to partake in all the rooftop garden festivities. [designboom]

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