First Kindle 2 Destroyed, Showing Extended Warranty May Be Worth It

First Kindle 2 Destroyed, Showing Extended Warranty <em>May</em> Be Worth It

One area where dead trees will always beat out eBook readers is chuckability—apparently, the shiny new Kindle 2 doesn’t take kindly to being launched into hardwood. Somewhere, Jon Stewart is chuckling.

Rob Bushway had only just taken his Kindle 2 out of the box when he dropped it about three feet onto a solid hardwood floor. The result, as you can see, is a persistent blotch in the upper-right-hand side of the screen. In the spirit of eBook/e-ink evangelism, I feel like we should call this an eStain, or an eFold, but it does pretty much ruin the brand-new device. Luckily for Rob, Amazon Amazon’s partner, Service Net Solutions, has (rather tellingly) included provisions for one accidentally destroyed unit in each extended warranty, so he should have a free replacement unit by the end of the week.

Generally speaking, extended warranties are a terrible value. But consider just how easy it looks like it might be to damage this slim new Kindle, $US70 to protect $US360 doesn’t seem like a terrible deal. [Slashgear]