Finally, E-Paper That Challenges a Real Paper

Next Monday, we'll probably see a new Kindle. But you know what? It won't feature a 24-inch screen that's ready to out-paper a newspaper.

Spotted at a Taiwanese book show, these two Delta Electronics displays, though formally spec-less, are clearly astounding in quality. Coming in monochrome and colour configurations, apparently the black and white version has better contrast, but both feature very sharp visuals. Indeed, even when shrunken and compressed in our lead image, you can still make out some of the headlines along with the specific anatomy of Obama's impressive earlobes.

So while the world will probably buzz next about the new Kindle, keep in mind what we could be seeing in e-paper technology, even if a 24-inch display is a little too large to fit in most briefcases. [Engadget China via Engadget]

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