Extensible OLED Display Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I would kill for something like this: An extensible OLED display that could be physically expanded to fit different aspect ratios. Bonus amazing detail, a mini-projector to display small images and icons on the desk:

I know that having an extensible display won't mean a thing for many people. If you can have a 30" 16:9 display, why have it adjusted to only 20" 4:3? Well, if you are as anal as I am, you will do it to watch Casablanca with no black letterbox side bands, for example. I can also imagine people adjusting the size for smaller workplaces, but maybe the most useful thing would be to sightly bend it to have an enveloping effect at its largest size.

Having a built-in, low-cost mini-projector to display icons over the desk is a touch of genius. I hate having the dock icons jumping or any other graphic overlay on my work screen, but visual alerts are necessary and useful. Having a simple mini-projector built in the display—to show simple alerts over the desk or the background wall—would be absolutely perfect. [Petit Invention via Oled Display]

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