Ecamm's BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam Is Exclusively Wireless, for Macs

Having built-in webcams on your Macs may be convenient, but physically turning your entire display whenever you want to focus on something other than your face is bothersome. Enter Ecamm's BT-1 $US150 wireless Bluetooth webcam.

Ecamm's BT-1 connects to your Mac via Bluetooth and can wirelessly transmit video from up to 10 metres away. This gives you more mobility and flexibility as to where you can aim your webcam, and it also doesn't confine you to your computer when you are video chatting or doing whatever else it is you need a webcam for.

However—calling all exhibitionists and porn stars—if you're looking for a webcam that you can keep on all night, look elsewhere because this webcam's battery can only last up to four hours. If you're still interested, you can purchase one of these in late March, or if you just can't wait: Pre-order it now. [Ecamm via GearLive via OhGizmo]

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