DUALSIM Phone Has Two Sim Card Slots So You Can Stick It To Your Network

dualsim.jpgDual SIM phones are nothing new - especially in Aisa - but for some reason they've never taken off in Australia. Maybe it's because the networks aren't too keen on you sharing one device between two carriers, or maybe it's because generally, dual SIM phones have been hideously ugly and complex to operate. So the creatively named DUALSIM phone looks to fill the local market nicely.Aside from boasting two SIM card slots, there's also a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, Stereo speakers, USB connectivity and Tri-band GSM support on 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz spectrums.

The phone itself will sell for $399 in March, with a list of retailers available from the website. If you're one of those people desperately trying to consolidate your work and personal mobiles, this could well be worth a look.


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