Dell Studio XPS 435 Looks Like Young Darth Vader's PC

I haven't seen a mainstream desktop this drool-drippingly designed since Voodoo's beautiful Omen box. The Studio XPS 435 isn't quite as lustworthy, but I still can't quite believe it came out of Dell.

Inside the black and red box of curvy is a Core i7, room for up to 24GB of triple-channel RAM—oh yes—and up to 4.5TB of storage, Blu-ray option and a 1GB ATI Radeon HD4870 HD graphics card, so if you ask if it can play Crysis, you'll be smashed by the banhammer. I think the power supply is a little anemic, only 475W, but check out the gnarly vent tube for the graphics card on the side.

But it's the little design things that are notable—on top of the case is a tray with three angled USB ports, so it's easy to shove a flash drive and you can just leave your Zune dammit resting on the case while it's charging. There's also a back handle and scoop to make it easy to lug to LAN parties. Mum on that sexy monitor, either, which doesn't look like any of Dell's current lineup.

No price, but I bet it's ridiculous! [Dell via Engadget]

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