Custom Dunny Toy Has a Plasma Globe Built Into its Head

Artist Dustin Cantrell took Kidrobot's classic Dunny toy and fused it together with a novelty favourite: the Tesla-inspired Plasma Globe. But even crazier, he's letting ToyCyte give one of these amazing creations away for free.

In a post published on ToyCyte, Cantrell said he was inspired to create the Plasma Dunny was always a little saddened to see Tesla's legacy reduced to the schlocky products sold at places like Spencer's Gifts, and wanted to do something a little cooler with the Plasma Globe.

The Plasma Globe was originally conceived by Nikola Tesla in 1894 and worked by using an Tesla coil to excite the element inside an incandescent lap. Then in the 1970s, MIT researcher Bill Parker came up with the more modern design used today, which has a glass dome full of inert gases, and running a high frequency current through the dome, prompting the visual effects.

Information on the contest to giveaway the Plasma Dunny can be found here, and if you don't happen to win—don't fret—there will be three more for sale in the future (price unknown). [ToyCyte]

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