Confirmed: Kindle Coming to Mobile Phones and How to Get a Kindle 2 Firstest

Amazon's VP for Kindle, Ian Freed, just confirmed to us the little nugget Jeff Bezos mentioned in the Kindle 2 keynote about WhisperSync: Kindle content is coming to mobile phones.

They're not ready to say which phones—or even when they're going to announce them—but they want them on them mobile phones, plural. Pretty exciting! Hopefully, we'll know more soon.

We also talked a bit about Kindle perpetual out-of-stock problem. Two bits of good news: If you ordered a Kindle as far back as "late 2008," but didn't get it yet, your order is now magically for a Kindle 2. There's also way more stock to go around at launch than there was of the original Kindle, though Ian wouldn't commit to specific numbers.

Here's the deal if you're a current Kindle owner and order before midnight. Jeff Bezos said you're first in line, but according to Ian, they're in the same "first in line" queue as the people who ordered a Kindle way back in December (who now have Kindle 2s coming to them). So, as simply as possible, you need to already have a Kindle or have ordered one to get one anytime soon.

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