Channel 9 Not Launching Second SD Channel Until July

Thumbnail image for freeview channels.pngI just don't get it. For years and years, the free-to-air networks argued that it wasn't free EPG information or decent programming that would drive people to digital TV, it was the ability to multi-channel. Yet here we are in February 2009, the networks have been legally able to launch a second digital channel since January 1, and Channel 9 announces that they won't be joining the multi-channel party until July because they need to upgrade their digital equipment.Considering we've known for a good long while that multi-channeling would be possible from January 1, it's hard to understand why all the hardware wasn't sorted out last year. Plus, the other victim of this announcement is sure to be Freeview, who's claims of 15 channels are looking shakier by the day.

And to think, we actually applauded Channel 9 this morning for actually doing something positive for its audience. Looks like we spoke a bit too soon (like five months too soon)...

[Lifehacker AU]

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