Buying an HDTV From Circuit City Liquidation Is Like Lottery From Hell

A horrible reminder about how you could get screwed by Circuit City's merciless liquidiation overlords: Two customers bought shattered LCD TVs—you're not allowed to open the box to check 'em—and are totally out $1100.

When you buy anything from Circuit City's liquidators, it's sold "as is" and can't be returned for any reason. Fine, that's how these things work. The screwjob happens because stores are telling people they can't open anything till they pay for it, meaning you can't check something out before you buy it to make sure it works—or isn't totally busted into a million useless pieces. Consumerist says that they're not optimistic about getting the credit card company to help out if you do get bamboozled, either.

They've got reports from Minnesota as well, where a family paid $US1500 for a busted TV after not being allowed to open the box. Fox reporters there were apparently kicked out of the store for trying to investigate. And here's another unreturnable piece of broken merchandise from Kotaku:

Odds are, if you do get a TV from Circuit City, it'll be fine—just remember there's just the very real possibility you could wind up losing a thousand bucks with no real recourse. And there won't even be the dude from Let's Make a Deal there to make you feel better. [Boston Channel via Consumerist, Image: Getty]

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