Brondell Perfect Flush Helps You Save Water By Giving You Two Flushing Options

Although having two built-in flushing options on toilets is nothing new, the Brondell Perfect Flush kit lets you mount the two-button flushing options onto your own toilet, without help from a professional plumber.

The idea behind having flushing options is that the two major bodily ejections differ in quantity, so they should be flushed down the toilet using different amounts of water: Half flush for liquids, full flush for #2. At $US149 a piece, the Brondell Perfect Flush kit can be installed onto more than 90% of existing toilets, and can also cut down up to 50% on your toilet water usage. Or you can just do what I do: Don't flush the loo unless it's poo! [Brondell via Luxury Housing via Oh Gizmo]

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