Broadband Cut Entirely From Stimulus Bill: Republicans Hate the Internets

Those jokers down in Washington finally compromised on the economic stimulus bill, with the Republican minority succeeding in cutting out huge swathes of spending. Among the casualties is the $US2 billion for universal broadband.

The entire list of what has been cut can be found here, simplified for easy understanding, but these are the ones that hit us tech dorks the hardest:

• $US2 billion for public broadband access has been totally eliminated. Sorry, "real America," you're gonna keep getting screwed.
• $US7 billion for energy-efficient public buildings has been cut in half.
• a fleet of hybrid vehicles for the federal government has also been cut in half, from $US600 million to $US300 million.
• $US50 million for NASA has been totally cut.
• a combined $US300 million for scientific research has been totally cut.

As always, if you think this sucks, write to your representative. But not via email. Lawmakers don't believe in email. [CNN]

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