Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Coffee art.jpgAnother weekend gone. Hope our readers in Victoria and Queensland are all okay…

Robot Memories From Tomorrow Scare the Beegeezus Out of My Underpants
I can’t wait for this future to become a reality.

The ‘Zune Phone’ Won’t Be Made by Microsoft?
Probably a good move from MS.

The Week in iPhone Apps: A Good Week For Cheapskate Gamers
I wouldn’t have thought anyone who ponied up the cash to buy an iPhone could be classed a cheapskate…

Microsoft My Phone: Free MobileMe-Style Syncing for Windows Mobile
I preferred Skybox, I think. Still won’t make winmo suck less.

Finally, E-Paper That Challenges a Real Paper
Betcha it still costs a fortune.

Pioneer Exits TV Business, No More Sweet Plasmas

If true, this is a sad, sad day for TV fans…

Kindle 2 Official Images and Price Leak: $US359 on February 24
If only it were available outside the US…

How To: Hack Android For Multitouch Web Browsing on the T-Mobile G1
Best to bookmark this pager for when the TC Dream launches Feb 16 over here…