Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Monday Night

No food for breakfast today peeps - instead you get to munch on a fine diet of amazon Kindle 2 news, even though you'll probably never own one. Sorry.

Kindle 2: $US359, Thinner, More Storage and It Reads to You But only if you happen to live in North America (or possibly the UK/Europe)

Sizemodo: The Kindle 2 vs Its Predecessor Not that we actually know how big the first one was, Amazon.

Kindle 2: First Hands On American hands (yes, okay, I'm bitter. i really want a decent ereader in Australia, dammit!)

Hallelujah: The iPhone Gets AT&T MicroCell Support If anyone from Optus is reading this - take notes. I'd buy one.

At Last, Google Sync Comes to iPhone and Windows Mobile Finally!

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