Bentley Ego Laptop Proves Fugly Is Expensive

bentleylaptop.jpgQuestion: Would you spend $30K on a laptop that looks like a handbag? No? What if it had a "Bentley" badge on it? Still no? What if you were a gazillionaire and if by purchasing this laptop you could end war and famine and bring peace and prosperity to the world forever? Still no? And fair enough, I'd say.The Ego by Bentley looks like an expensive lady's handbag, but inside there's an AMD 64 processor, 160GB HDD and 2GB RAM, plus a 12.1-inch screen. The casing is a combination of leather and chrome, hand stitched and polished and quite possibly brought to life by the tears of angels, considering the pricetag. bentleylaptop_4.jpg Sure, it's limited edition, custom made and bears the Bentley badge, but who in their right mind would consider $30K for something that will be outdated in 5 years anyway?

[Ego-lifestyle and The Motor Report - Thanks DONAR!]

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