Benchmarking the iBook Vs. a Hackintosh Nebook

No one expects an MSI Wind to run OSX as well as the latest MacBook, but how does the 1.6GHz N270 Atom system stand up to the 1.33GHz iBook G4 with 768MB of RAM?

In short, it competes. Comparing load times, as you see in this graph, it's quicker across the board. The MSI Wind (1GB version in blue, 2GB version in purple), boots 12 seconds faster than the iBook. And it loads all other tested apps faster as well.

Where the iBook still reined supreme, however, were complex processes like unzipping files. The Atom simply couldn't keep up in a few of these tasks.

Still, taking all tests into account, you could conclude that the MSI Wind is on a pretty level playing field with a 4-year-old Apple laptop packing a PowerPC processor. Is that some great feat? I'm not sure. Is it interesting? Yeah, it's kind of interesting, especially if you were considering a used iBook to save some cash. Hit the link for full testing results. [AppleDifferent via bbGadgets]

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