Attention Apple Store Web Freeloaders: Facebook is Now Banned

To all who've parked at a shiny Mac Pro and Cinema Display to lend some Apple retail magic to your 25 Things chain letter: Facebook has been banned from the Apple Store's networks worldwide. UPDATED

Myspace was first to be banished back in 2007 (so 2007!), and now Facebook has met a similar fate. Tinycomb has quoted a Genius:

"Apple Stores have become a regular Internet Cafe, so placing the most popular time-killer [Facebook]of them all on the banned-list will certainly help everyone get a chance to test out the computers."

But Apple, making sure your machines meet all of my liveblogging-my-life-via-Facebook needs is my single most important in-store test!! [Tinycomb, Photo: Giona/flickr]

Update: Fortune's Mac blogger says the ban is on a store-by-store basis; many have indeed banned, but it's not Apple's policy as a whole.

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