Athena Sofa Is the Most Comfy PC, Ever

Sure, your PC may be packing a quad core processor, dual monitors and a second mortgage worth of RAM. But can you sleep on it? Let me rephrase that. Should you sleep on it?

The Athena Sofa is one-part luxury sofa that you will likely stain, one-part PC. We weren't able to find any specs from the designers at Artanova, but we're guessing that those integrated screens that fit so snugly into the armrests feature touch sensitivity.

Why do we assume that? Well, it makes sense from a design point of view, considering the lack of input devices. And also, if we're paying over $US15,000 for a couch with a couple of monitors and a PC inside—which we are in this theoretical world where we have the $US15,000 to buy an Athena—we really really want touchscreens. [Artanova via Bornrich]

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