Apple Seeeecret Shareholders Meeting’s Best Moment

Apple Seeeecret Shareholders Meeting’s Best Moment

Fortune’s Apple 2.0 has posted what allegedly happened in today’s Apple shareholder meeting—where the press wasn’t allowed to have any device to liveblog the event—including the best moment:

Next person is complimenting company for beautiful products. Wishes Steve well. Singing happy birthday to Steve… EVERYONE singing.

That happened after someone said that the people asking for universal health care for employees are “socialists.” Funny, because the last time I heard people singing “happy birthday” to their leader in a shareholders meeting was in the Soviet Parlament—I think the leader was Stalin back then.

Not much else was discussed. Some people asked for Steve’s health—”no comment” was the answer—and others asked why there wasn’t more diversity in the executive team—damn socialists.

Tim Cook insisted on why they got out of MacWorld, arguing that Apple’s retail presence “blows MacWorld out of the water.” [Apple 2.0]