All Episodes of Star Trek TOS, MacGyver, Twin Peaks and More Now Available For Free Streaming

It's not quite Hulu, but CBS just dropped a ton of their old favourites into a decent flash web player, serving them up for free with a couple short ad clips. Plus, Melrose Place!

The flash player kind of sucks, but apparently the site works internationally, which isn't always the case for these types of services (maybe not - commenters aren't having any luck outside the states). So all of you expatriates missing that unique brain sensation only golden-era USA TV can provide, you are in luck sadly still fucked. Looking at a lot of these, I can feel being dug up from deep in my cortexes the exact feeling of being at home sick in elementary school in 1991.

Here's the complete list of shows, for which almost all have complete seasons:

Beauty and the Beast
Beverly Hills 90210
Family Ties
Have Gun - Will Travel
Hawaii Five-0
The Love Boat
Melrose Place
Perry Mason
Star Trek: The Original Series
The Twilight Zone
Twin Peaks

Enjoy. (AU: Does it work for you guys? Let us know in comments...) [CBS Classics - thanks, Trina and Tony!]

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