Acer's First Smartphone Has Awkward Style, Solid Potential

As Acer's entry into the smartphone market approaches, details of handsets are beginning to leak. BGR has pictures of one: a touchscreen QWERTY phone with a decidedly novel approach to pop-out keyboarding.

BGR's sources didn't have much to say about the device, except the easily-guessable fact that it would run either Windows Mobile or Android (you can imagine which one we're hoping for). The keypad, as pictured, looks kind of bizarre. A portrait-mode QWERTY may be all we're seeing here, but if Acer has managed a swivel system by which the keyboard can work in portrait and landscape modes, the form-factor could be an instant winner.

The tipster also claimed the Acer would display an iPhone competitor alongside this handset at MWC on the 16th, which—assuming the conventions of the last few years hold—just means that they've got a full-touchscreen handset. [BGR]

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