ABC Launches New iView Channel For Kids

Here's yet another reason why the ABC kicks the commercial networks' backsides when it comes to getting their audience - they're launching a second kid's channel on iView. Called FAVES, it will offer "a mix of much-loved drama, comedy and sci-fi series including Noah & Saskia, Worst Best Friends, Crash Zone, Spellbinder and The Girl From Tomorrow". And while none of that sounds appealing to me, if I had slightly older kids, an ISP who offered unmetered iView downloads and a spare laptop, I'd be happier than a child with a box full of Lego.It doesn't look like the channel has launched just yet, but the press release does say today, so maybe it'll go live in a few hours. In any case, kudos are due for the ABC for continuing to offer more and more content, rather than wasting time by taking ISPs to court like certain television networks...


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