Yuen'To Music Ball is Great for Listening to Music, Bopping Heads

Clearly a product of the deep-sea geothermal vent creature school of cuteness, the Yuen'To Music Ball is an adorable, albeit expensive, powered portable speaker.

Unlike most products in this category, the Music Ball was designed with usability in mind. This foamy ball will sit anywhere, dangle or swing during playback, demanding no support beyond your device's headphone jack. The single white wire and range of appealing colours let the Music Ball double as a fashion accessory (though admittedly not the most masculine one), and the powered speaker ensures that you'll actually be able to hear your music. The battery only lasts about two hours, but it's USB-rechargeable.

The only catch is the price: it's kind of expensive even without importing costs, and once it's shipped over from Japan it comes in at just below $US80. If that's not too rich for your blood, the Yuen'To ships in February. [Akihabara]

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