Your Fellow Commuters Will Adore the WiiBook

How do you kill time during your commute? You play DS? Pfft. Amateur. Real men carry Wiis.

This custom-built Wii is made for portability (OK, honestly, it looks a lot like a Wii, which is already small, with a 5-inch screen hooked on top and a pretty shoddy looking battery pack hanging off the back). But hey, it works for an hour on a charge and includes an integrated sensor bar to ensure that the Wii is fully functional.

I imagine you won't make too many friends by flailing about on the train or bus, but pack a few extra Wiimotes and we're sure that creepy guy who smells of nailpolish remover and that old lady with the (dead?) squirrel in her purse will be more than ready to school you in some Wii Sports. [via Engadget]

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