Yamaha AvantGrand Digital Piano Vibrates in All the Right Places

High end digital pianos sound great, and have come a long way over the years, but ask any professional musician and they'll tell you they just don't feel the same as a traditional baby grand.

So Yamaha went to work on AvantGrand, an ingenious digital piano that uses strategically-placed resonators to pound the pianist with sound and vibrations, just like the real thing! In fact, the Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand was used to create the digital samples for this piano, and that is the real thing.

Even the pedals were tweaked to more closely resemble the mechanical feel of a traditional string and hammer piano.

Yamaha spokeswoman Alicia Keys demo'd the tech at the NAMM convention in LA on Saturday, and came away loving her vibrating piano, which she said was like a friend but better because it couldn't talk (seriously).

You, too, can vibrate to Mozart or Beethoven or covered pop hits from Keys when the AvantGrand arrives in July for $US20,000. [OC Register via DVICE]

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