Woz Shares Thoughts On Apple's Future, Steve Jobs, And His Showers

In an interview with an NBC affiliate this weekend, Steve Wozniak, Apple's other big Steve, shared a little insight into Apple culture—past, present and future.

Thankfully, Woz was extremely respectful of Steve Jobs, choosing to focus on the good that could come of his absence, instead of focusing on speculation and hypotheses. But really, did we expect anything less from Woz? Of course not.

Some transcribed excerpts (apologies in advance for a few missed words here and there) from the five-minute video are below.

On Jobs and what the time off might mean for Apple: "In the shower this morning I was thinking, well you know what he sort of said he was taking a leave of absence. To me, you know, if that's what he says then I take it at face value. He wants a rest. The rest and peacefulness. What do you do when you rest? Sometimes your mind floats. A person like him works out better concepts and products and ways the future could be and the way we live our lives better than any individual could. Probably a great thing for Apple."

On a disturbance in Apple product releases: "The products coming out of Apple, out of tech companies, have a long tech pipeline... they work their way through for a year, year and a half... Those products are in the pipeline, they're not going to be disturbed."

Woz concludes with a few thoughts on the culture of Apple, most notably the secrecy the company is know for today. In short, he supports it. Spreading rumours in the past was harmful to the product and the bottom line, Woz said. "That privacy I am very glad of," he said. "People at Apple will talk about a lot of things, but not about products." [NBC Los Angeles]

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