Windows 7 Beta Downloads Available Through Feb. 10

Even though the Windows Team said they were removing the download cap on Windows 7 on Jan. 24, they didn't mean downloads would end on Jan. 24. Windows 7 will be available through Feb. 10.

You have to start downloading Windows 7 before Feb. 10, but you have until Feb. 12 to finish it, and product keys will be available after Feb. 12, though they don't say for how long after. Which essentially means you now have all the time in the world to install Windows 7. You can download it from Microsoft now and get a key way later, or, from the way it sounds, you could even grab a torrent after Microsoft stops offering downloads and then still get a key from them.

So yeah, it really is kind of like a free upgrade, at least until it self-destructs on Aug. 1. [Windows Team]

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