Wii Homebrew Hack Turns Wiimote Into a Casual Carpenter's Level

The calluses on my hands are more the result of high scores than fixing up the house, so you can imagine my relief today when I saw this DIY level made from a Wiimote.

When he created this little hack, Alanceil was thinking in a way many of us here today can understand. That way being, forget buying a box full of Luddite tools, let's hack some existing gadgets from around the house so they do the same job—but cooler!

To use LevelTool, you'll need to install the Wii Homebrew Channel, and have access to an SD card. The Wii Homebrew Channel tutorial begins... HERE. LevelTool info is available at WiiBrew.

Just another hack in a long line of them for Nintendo's immensely popular system. Still no hard drive though ;-) [WiiBrew via technabob]

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