Why Sports on a Widescreen TV is a Ripoff...Sort Of

The folks at Blue Donut have a warning for anyone wishing to upgrade to a widescreen TV to watch sports: it's a ripoff because networks are not taking full advantage of the technology.

Specifically, they are referring to the extra space you gain from the wider perspective. Because TV networks employ "center-cut protection" to ensure that all of the action can be viewed on older TV sets, that extra space is generally filled with a whole lot of nothing—like the crowd, empty field and so on. It's common sense really, but something that many of us probably don't think about.

I suppose this could be a turn off to some buyers but I, for one, would prefer to see more of a scene, not less. Besides, isn't the HD resolution really where it's at? But let me ask you—do you care what is in (or not in) the extra space afforded by a widescreen TV? [Blue Donut]

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