White House Now Without Email, Forced to Print Memos, Reactivate Pony Express

According to CNN, the White House's mail system is completely broken right now. I don't know if this is because their crappy technology or the wiretapping, but there has been a server meltdown:

An apologetic Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters at 1:30 pm press briefing that the server meltdown was responsible for the delay in responding to their e-mailed questions. But late Monday, nearly six hours since the server first went haywire, staffers still can't use their official e-mail addresses — and a press aide could not tell CNN when the press office might be able to start sending and receiving messages again.

Looks like the first thing the President's office should do is to upgrade all the White House computer systems so at least they don't have to depend on the telegraph or, God forbid, the fax. [Political]

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