When Coworkers' Pranks Go Wrong: Guy's Desk Gets Plastered by Big Brother Steve Jobs

One day late last summer, Flickr member jpegsrock returned to work from his vacation to find his cubicle just a little different, courtesy of his loving coworkers.

Apparently the unofficial Apple junkie of his office, jpegsrock's coworkers thought it would be apt to welcome him back in an appropriate manner—by smearing Steve Jobs' mug all over his desk. It's a sight that's awesomely astounding, and possibly a sweet and funny homage if a bajillion faces staring back at you watching your every move is your thing (yes, even while you're eating). I'm glad I'm not forced to deal with my coworkers' pranks on a daily basis: knowing them, they'd put Lego in my coffee and hang Mickey Mouse ears from the ceiling, but only after giving me a wedgie. God bless. [Flickr via TUAW]

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