Want To Play With Kodu On Xbox 360? Don't Get Your Hopes Up Just Yet

One of the big announcements during Microsoft's keynote at CES last night was a LittleBigPlanet-esque game creation program for the 360 called Kodu. But if you were hoping to see it on your Xbox 360 here in Australia, you could be in for a long wait. David over at Kotaku AU put the not-so-hard question to Microsoft Australia: Will we be getting Kodu as part of the community games channel. Their response was non-committal:

We've not yet announced when the Community Games Channel will be available. The global and local teams are working on bringing the channel to Australia.

Of course, for a time MS kept telling me that they were planning on bringing the Zune to Australia too, and we all know how that played out. Here's hoping they don't keep us waiting for Kodu for too long...

[Kotaku AU]

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