Voice-Activated Amulet Remote Saves Unnessary Reaching and Stretching

If you're as lazy as I am, you've endured marathons of My Super Sweet 16 because the anguish of physically picking up the remote and channel surfing is just too much. Well, no more!

Designed as the world's first voice-enabled remote control for Vista Media Centre, the Amulet Remote makes it easy for you to enjoy movies, record and watch TV, listen to music, and view your photos. Simply say a voice command into the remote, like "Watch TV program South Park" or "Listen to David Bowie's Changes". The remote will then send your command—via built-in microphone—to Amulet software in your media centre, which will carry out your orders.

Because the Amulet uses position sensing technology, this remote will only pick up your commands if you speak directly into it, ignoring all other background noises—such as my boyfriend yelling, "AMULET, WATCH PORN!" everytime Sex and the City comes on.

The Amulet Remote is expected to cost $US299 and will begin shipping in March of this year. [Product Page via CNet]

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