Viliv S7 Takes On the Sony Vaio P With a Tablet Twist

Specs for Viliv's S7 UMPC/netbook/tablet/whatever have popped up, and while the gadget's guts are similar to other netbooks, the physical design— including a jumbo keyboard and battery and a swiveling touchscreen— sets it apart.

We already knew about the S7, but when it was announced this summer, no specs or hands-on time were released with it, so it's nice to get some solid data on the little guy. The S7's 1024x600 screen is only 7 inches, but the sides are stretched out to a nearly Sony Vaio P-esque length:width ratio to make room for a usable keyboard and a very substantial battery. The screen itself is a swiveling touchscreen, like a traditional tablet, and Viliv brags that the battery can last a whopping 7 hours of video playback.

Besides that, it's got the standard netbook guts: Atom proc up to 1.86 GHz, 1 GB of memory, 60 GB HDD/16 GB SSD, and Windows XP. Price and release date are still unknown, but it'll probably hit Korea before making its way west. UMPC Portal got a hands-on, embedded below.
[UMPC Portal]

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