Video: Samsung Show W7900 Projector-Packing Mobile Phone Actually Looks Pretty Cool

This currently Korea-only projector mobile phone peeped up its head at CES, and now our friends at PopSci had a chance to play with the Show and its 10-lumen built-in DLP projector.

Yep it's a bit chubby, as any projector-toting phone most certainly will be, but it's not as horrible as some of the other projector phones we've seen. Aside from the 480 x 320-res projector that uses Texas Instruments' DLP tech, the Show also has a fine-looking 3.2-inch, 400 x 240 OLED touch screen, 5MP camera with LED flash, and Samsung's widget-based touch OS. It's dropping in South Korea soon, but there's of course no news on a US release.

I'm actually pretty surprised at how good the image looks here. I'm still pretty sceptical that anyone will ever find an actual day-to-day use other than novelty from any pico projector, but if it's built into your phone in a bulky but not Zach Morris bulky package, maybe that's the answer. Check out more photos and impressions over at: [PopSci]

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