Video: Philips's Crazy 56-Inch Ultra-Widescreen Cinema 21:9 LCD Is Real

Philips took the wraps off their 21:9 Cinema LCD in merry ol' England, confirming the renderings that circulated earlier this month. It does display 2.40:1 'scope with no letterboxing, but is that what you want?

Like we pointed out before, this TV is only practical for movies; and even then, some movies that weren't filmed with big old Panavision 70mm film still very well might show up in something closer to 16:9, so we can't say this will completely rid letterboxing from your life. If that's on your bucket list.

Details are still pretty shady, but the Megawhat TV folks are estimating it'll run around £3,000 (around $US4,275) and be released in the Spring (in the UK). [Pocket Lint]

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