Video of the Only National Security Agency-Approved Smartphone, the $US3,350 Sectera Edge

We showed you this NSA-approved Windows Mobile secure beast-phone already, but this video shows more information about the Sectera Edge. It features one-touch high-level security and— wait for it— customisable ringtones!

The Sectera Edge, a brick of a smartphone with the styling of a five-year-old Palm Treo, is the only device of its type to be approved by the NSA. But it's not just a super-secure BlackBerry replacement: the Edge has two distinct "modes," normal and secure, and the phone toggles between them with the press of a button. In secure mode, it uses powerful encryption and constant monitoring to keep the data safe, while in normal mode, the phone functions pretty much like a typical smartphone with the same commercial encryption we normals are stuck with. I especially like the colour themes signifying the difference: bright red means top-secret, just like in the movies.

Of course, nobody has confirmed that the Sectera Edge is going to be used by President Obama, but it will certainly be used by high-ranking members of the Department of Defence and others who need its functionality. The Edge costs $US3,350, although it doesn't seem likely that they're available to purchase even if somebody was inclined to.

No word yet on the speed-dial number for the Kremlin. [YouTube]

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