Video: ioSafe Solo Fire/Flood Hard Disk Test Puts 'Will It Blend?' To Shame

I was taken to a Vegas house off the strip. There's a fluorescent green pool, a purple jacuzzi. No strippers in sight—it was time to set a fireproof hard disk aflame.

I was being shown the ioSafe Solo, a fireproof and floodproof external hard drive that's the first consumer product from a company that's only done industrial and government stuff previously. They threw it in said green pool (sadly sans strippers, and sadly not a pool of champagne). Then they put it in a gas burner, cranking it up to 870+ degrees C.

The ioSafe guys have a point that, at $US150 for 500GB, $US200 for 1TB and $US300 for 1.5TB, the Solo drives don't cost a huge amount more than a name-brand external that doesn't weigh 11kg and come wrapped in many inches of an insulation that I have been told is non-toxic (although my lungs at the moment may be begging to differ).

But here's the thing: I'm more worried about my OEM Seagate drive (which the Solo uses) committing suicide than I am my house burning down or flooding. Add RAID redundancy, then maybe. And there's another word that's important here: co-location. But if for some reason you're worried about your disk surviving an act of God, here you go. As you can see, the horrific photo of me with ioSafe's CEO survived the maelstrom just fine. [ioSafe]

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