USB Drive Embedded in a Padlock Brings New Meaning to 'Secure Data'

Finding weird form factors for USB drives is nothing new, but these concept art pieces from Dialog05, which integrate USB into everyday objects, are so cool I had no choice but to share.

Obviously, these USB drives aren't for actual use, and likely never will be. These are part of an art collection titled "Universal Connections," and it seems like the visuals are intended to make you think of the ways in which technology has become as much a routine or essential part of our lives as any of the objects the USB ports are melded into.

Some of these USB drives work better than others as art, like the USB padlock pictured above, the door knob or the tin can telephone. Also worth a laugh is the bra that uses USB ports as a clasp. But be sure to check out the entire collection over at [Dialog05 via Design You Trust via Unplggd]

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