U-Fizz Can Make Any Drink Carbonated, But That Doesn't Mean It Should

Sure, the U-Fizz is a fun little toy. You could make homemade Sprite, orange soda, or experiment with wackier flavours. But this gadget has a dark side: ungodly fizzy creations that anger the soda gods.

U-Fizz, used in conjunction with normal baking soda and vinegar, can make any drink carbonated. But instead of giving you a list of delicious ideas, I'm going to put the kibosh on a number of beverages that are served sans CO2 for a reason.

1. Egg Nog
2. Coffee
3. Pistachio Ice Cream
4. Fine Imported Darjeeling Tea
5. Franzia
6. Milk
7. Tomato Juice
8. Maple Syrup
9. Chicken Soup

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